About company

The modern economic practice leads to the necessity of outsourcing the logistical services. More effectively are solved the problems by the operator 3pl (Third Party Logistics), whose functions include: cargo handling, storage of goods, traffic management, store accounting, preparation of documentation. “Ortodrom” is a 3pl operator that you can trust your logistics. We have a professional team which will provide the full range of services and will fully resolve all your turnover problems. Our warehouses, vehicle fleet, well-established network and professional team are ready to do all of your logistics. Experts with long-term experience, material and technical base and established infrastructure will solve your problems relating to trucking, warehousing, increase in turnover, commodity-financial chain’s control, and will solve all the problems concerning your contractual obligations and marketing goals. During many years of fruitful work the company “Ortodrom” has served a huge number of active clients, expanding the range of activities and cooperating with other firms, including foreign ones. After earning a certain experience, the company aims to increase turnover and improve the quality of service, saving time and money of our clients. Accumulated store of knowledge, excellent interaction between divisions of the company and highly skilled specialists allow to provide the most efficient and profitable solution for you. We are known as a company practicing open approach, always offering individual and most efficient logistical solutions. Tens of thousands of logistical cargo operations and goods delivery have been carried out successfully throughout Russia and abroad. The company “Ortodrom” is pleased to provide you skilled and high quality assistance and a high level of service.

Our Mission is

  • To save your time, that you can spend to solve your key business objectives.
  • To save your resources, that you can aim at the development of other areas of your business.
  • To help you solve the problem of storage, providing you our warehouses, taking care of storage and loading and unloading your goods.
  • To help you solve the problem of transportation, providing our vehicles and using our experience and established network.